“More than just recruitment. Spantek gives you a professional, first-class experience, every time”.


Spantek Consulting is a start-up founded in 2019 with a belief in providing innovative, simple and quality end to end recruitment solutions across the industries. We are team of recruitment specialists with wide recruitment experience and the unrivalled market insight.

We work with you while understanding the uniqueness of your recruitment needs before proposing our solution. We propose a simple, smart and result driven customized solutions to your needs. We maintain transparency on our terms of business and the arrangements under which we will achieve your target. We act under our guiding principles of integrity & business ethics, respect and professionalism.

Why Spantek?

Our team delivers a unique quality of service that is designed to meet the individual needs of both candidates and Clients.

We are honest towards both. Every offer has its own pros and cons which needs justifiable explanation. We let the candidates know about the offer and what it represents right from the word go with no surprises and same with the clients. That’s how we earn trust and it works for all of us.

We only accept assignments where everybody stands to gain and we’re not frightened of pulling the plug on a process if either the candidate or client satisfaction isn’t completely guaranteed.


Spantek provides resource to serve its clients for a short and long duration ranging from hours, days to months. We conduct industry research and support your staffing needs when and where you need it. We help you to reduce the cost by adding staff when necessary to crack the deadlines and cover other employee absences. Together, we’ll establish an agreed-upon time frame for you to evaluate each candidate on-the-job, and we will retain the individual on our payroll during that time

A new position, A new project or new technology demanding nische skilled profiles. We make it our business to turn that requirement into an opportunity. We offer you most suitable candidatures. Our direct-hire services include all levels of placement (from entry-level to executives) in a wide range across verticals & industries.

New ideas. New projects. New challenges. We know the market. And the best professionals. And there’s nothing we like better than catalyzing new businesses with the best talent around.

We take the responsibility of outsourcing solutions across all positions, levels, and professions for your high-volume, longer-term hiring need.

Includes: Skill Assessment, Resume Sourcing, Interviewing, Medical testing, Background checks

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Areas We Recruit

1. Information Technology

2. Non IT

Job Opportunities